If your company experiences a data breach, quick action is imperative to aid in restoring the public’s confidence in your a business. Cyber liability insurance helps to cover costs like notification, identity protection solutions, legal, liability, public relations and more depending on the coverage you select that would best fit your business. A licensed insurance agent from Anderson & Associates will help you find the right cyber security coverage for your company.

To alleviate the risk of civil litigation and other penalties that may occur after a data breach, a cyber liability or data breach insurance policy can provide you with access to assistance from a professional in the field to help businesses comply with the applicable laws and regulations that would apply to your specific situation.

What We Offer

  • Quick responses when a cyber attack occurs. Your Business must respond quickly and professionally to minimize the affect of a data breach on your clients, employees and your business. Your reputation is at risk, which means that when there are laws and requirements that must be addressed immediately, you have to have your insurance representative on your side, or else your clients that experience a breach could come at you with steep penalties and lawsuits.  A cyber liability policy provides you with breach response partners that can help your business in meeting the lawful obligations and communicating to clients who were affected by the breach.
  • Help prepare your business for a data breach.  Data Breach and Cyber Liability coverages include access to services that assist your business in preparing for a breach by helping to ensure that the proper security measures are in place before an incident ever takes place. These services can help your business with network security, employee training, development of an appropriate privacy and network policy and procedure, identifying and managing your company’s assets, and provide an incident response plan.  Data security is challenging and requires a you to have to have a holistic, “all angles covered” approach.