Condo Insurance in Palmetto, Florida

Condos are somewhere in between a single family home and an apartment. They solve a unique problem for those that do not want to continue renting an apartment and those that do not want to buy a single family home. Because they fill a special niche, they come along with their own set of insurance requirements. Many people might think that all they need is a home insurance policy, but the truth is that you can get a plan specifically for your condo that meets the needs of living arrangement.

Do I need condo insurance?

When you buy a condo, it is likely in a condominium association. Almost all of these associations have their own insurance, not unlike an apartment complex does. If this is the case with your condo, do you really need to get your own insurance? Many people might say that they do not need to expend their own money for more insurance, if the association covers them, but the truth is that the insurance that your association has probably only covers property in the neighborhood that is owned jointly, liability for the association, and the building itself.

What it doesn’t cover, however, are break-ins, water damage, flooding, or your own liability if, for example, someone slips on your icy walkway and breaks their arm. The policy offered by your association might cover you if the entire building burns down (though likely would not cover your items inside of the building), it does not over you for some of the most common and most distressing damages you will experience in your condo.

A condo policy helps to protect your property, both outside and inside of your specific unit, along with liability protection, if someone injures themselves in or around your condo. In order to get the right amount of condo insurance, you will need to estimate the value of your property inside of your condo and then contact us for a quote!

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What will my condo insurance policy cover?

Your association’s insurance likely covers only the exterior walls of your condo. It covers the building, but not the interior of the building (including the interior walls, fixtures, furniture, electronics, etc., all of which are more likely to be damaged or stolen than the exterior of your condo). Most importantly, their policy is responsible only for their own liability protection, not yours. If someone hurts themselves inside of your condo, the cost would be entirely your own.

This is where a condo policy of your own comes in. Most policies will cover fire and lightening damage, as well as smoke, vandalism (and other “mischief”), and flood. Your insurance can be adjusted to fit your needs and the needs of your condo and its location. If you are looking for a more detailed list of what one of our policies would cover, feel free to contact us today.

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